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note: the symbolism is all mine and not traditional

This Logo Explained

  • The bronze and silver Jain Santinatha altarpiece, from India (1168 AD), symbolizes clarity, wisdom, and serenity.
  • The test tubes symbolize discovery of new ideas.


Recommended (Serious) Book List

This is the Latest Version

lists books by region for key understudied regions

Entire Book of Lists (Multimedia Bibliography)

Other Projects/Lists

Project Missions


Increase your education beyond just reading the books I wrote.

Recommended Serious Book List

These are about 530 serious non-fiction e-books, mostly from Apple's online iBookstore, that you can get, through iTunes, and I have purchased all of them.

3rd Party Books

I have the actual e-books, from famous authors, on my website (they are all public domain), including: medieval Christian mystics (all orthodox, all European, and mostly female), Nietzsche (famous atheists), Tolstoy (short stories), Bahai religious writings, Tagore (19th Century India), and John Muir (environmentalist). I also have the history of the Netherlands and culture of Italy. Then, there are instructional writings on farming and plants. Finally there is Kant (for helping people fall asleep) and famous Quakers (American Protestant denomination).

Crossword Puzzles

These crossword puzzles are interactive and can be saved and printed. They test your knowledge, of my writings on: the military, Schizophrenia, Syriac (eastern dialect of Aramaic) Christianity, major world belief systems, European philosophy, technology, and the titles of the books I have written.

Learning Awards

I give out awards for reading, writing, creating, and giving away content. The awards are a certificate and a web badge with my Creative Works logo on them. There are 3 levels of each award. There are awards for photography, artwork, and technology as well.

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