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Many Christians spend their whole lives trying to understand every aspect of the Bible, before following any of it. God makes the things He wants us to do obvious and so we need to first do all the things in the Bible that we know that we are not yet doing, before we go on to things that are less clear. We will never understand the Bible fully as the Bible is beyond even the understanding of angels.

Christianity is like a group of recovering addicts. We made bad choices of our own free will and need to improve who we are by making better choices. This is only possible through Christ. Christians are not good, but go to Heaven because God made that choice. Why God still finds value in us is a mystery. God does not want us to live anymore without Him, because we need His help to do good.

If you have never struggled with immorality, then there is no reason for you to be a Christian. God really hates arrogance. The great struggle against ourselves consists of the conflicts between Darkness vs. Light, Christians vs. Society, and Knowledge vs. Faith.

God knows everything about us and has experienced our life as people directly, when He was on earth. Even though He lived as a human being, while still being fully God, He did not do anything morally wrong. This means God can help us, with His own personal experience, and give us His will that we may choose to resist, when we are tempted to make bad choices and do what we know is wrong.

God refused to give in to evil and He can and will help us separate the evil from within us. God can read not only our minds but our hearts. God's response is not to punish us for our conscious decisions to do evil, but to strengthen our conscience and freely forgive us. This way we may try again and, this time, now not only knowing better, but made stronger to resist evil.

Christ, by Himself, has made Himself a spiritual bridge between His people and God the Father. God actually creates us again, by joining us with Himself, uniting us together spiritually. We become strangers to the world, as we become part of God's family. There is no middle ground: you are either part of God's family and have spiritual peace, or else you are separated from God and are tormented by trying to get surface level acceptance by mainstream society. The world does not care about you - God does.

God wants to literally live inside of you and wants you to choose of your own free will to invite Him in to all aspects of your life and existence. You either serve God completely or serve the world, as you were never designed to live alone. If you do not actively and consciously choose to follow God over and over again with every spiritually significant decision you make, you default to being a follower of mainstream society. Be at peace as a place of worship for God or be at war with yourself.

The choice is yours: you can spend your life trying to get others to love you unsuccessfully or get God's love by just accepting the free gift He is offering. Society wants your money; God wants your heart. Society will break you down and destroy you and give you nothing in return. God will lift you up and make you a better person. The world wants you to change for its gain but God wants you to be who He created again. God wants you to be innocent like a child whereas the world wants to fill you with fear and despair.

The world wants to manipulate and control you, whereas God wants to make you a person you can be proud of. God wants to restore you to how He created you, whereas the world wants to manipulate you into following it, but without any real benefit to you. God wants you to be part of His family and requires nothing in return. God never lies but the world is based on nothing but lies.

The world is very loud, but God is very quiet. The world fights for your constant attention whereas God brings you to Him gently over time. God is a God of peace and restfulness whereas the world never wants you to sleep or even slow down. The world wants you to keep buying more and more to fix your problems where God wants you to be happy with what you have. The world wants power over you whereas God wants to free you from the devastating consequences of immorality. God is your perfect Father and the world is a an abused bully.

But you will never be forced to be in either camp. God wants you to actively and continually choose Him, not just go through the motions with Him. Nor everyone in the church is Christian and not everyone claiming to be Christian is really promoting Biblical ideas. You can never trust anyone nowadays, but you can trust God. He has earned your trust and accepts you wherever you are and for who you are.

Many have given up on organized religion, but the true Church cannot be reduced any one denomination or organization and the Bible is the only thing you should unconditionally believe in. People, even good hearted Christians, will fail you when you really need them, but God is always there for you. God always was and will be here forever for you, but why would you want to live any more of your life being abused by the world? God is also the real one in charged and has already won the war against the world. When the most powerful side is also the kindest and most forgiving one, it is obvious which one to choose.

We are saved by faith alone, for the purpose of doing charity work for others. In other words, we do not get saved by works, but are rather saved by grace so that we can then have the joy of serving others. Serving others not only gives us an outlet to express our purpose and meaning in life (that comes from knowing more about God and letting Him work in our lives), but also allows us to think beyond our own circumstances (with the promise of eternal life, with no suffering after death).

God is by His very nature unwilling to lie for any reason, while the devil is called the "father of lies". All throughout the Bible, God makes contracts with Adam and Eve, Noah, and the ancient people of Israel (as well as animals), and everyone else through Jesus Christ.

If you lived before Jesus died, to be part of God's plan you needed to be part of the ancient country of Israel. You also needed to follow the ten commandments as expanded in the first five books of the Old Testament. Every time you didn't follow any of God's commands, you had to offer a farm animal as a sacrifice (because they were expensive and it was culturally familiar and relevant practice, at that time).

Not only are we now saved by faith, but each of the famous ancient people of Israel talked about in the Old Testament also were saved by faith as well. Jesus Christ's sacrifice by dying a very painful death on the cross and taking on the punishment for everyone's evil deeds and defeating the devil and death completely and forever applies retroactively to people before His death as well.

Basically, God has revealed more about Himself (like the Son of God aspect) later on in history and so the same kind of promise is repeated and renewed again and again up until the promise of the Holy Spirit at what Christians now celebrate as Pentecost. This is where the idea of speaking in tongues first started. People of the Jewish faith (people that are Jewish because of religion, not necessarily ethnically Jewish) do not see Jesus Christ as the one talked about in prophecy to be their Savior or Messiah, but Christians do. The first Christians as well as Jesus were actually Jewish (ethnically).

The Bible uses simple words that are of great power and eternal siginficance. Just because the Bible is understandable to simple people, it does not mean that it will not challenge the brightest among us. The Bible is not meant to win you over by fancy arguments or fancy words. Intellectuals rejected God from the beginning, so God chose to make salvation in the appearance of foolishness to people, that in reality is way beyond the comprehension of any person.

No one will be able to predict when God will return and this is so people will keep to God's commandments and not wait to convert to the faith until the end of their lives. God wants us to be happy and celebrate, as we are instructed in the Old Testament, but we are not to get high or drunk or get out of control, by any means. Christianity is a religion of moderation and self control. God is a God of order and peace.

Avoid doing even things that are only borderline bad ideas or could be perceived by others as contrary to Christianity. We need to help and support both those people inside and outside the church. We need to pray (talk to God) constantly.

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