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These pictures vary in size from 4-16 MP, which means they can be as much as 5 MB (compressed) a piece. UHD 4K TV / 4K Blueray is equivalent to about 8 MP Photo Size. 1080 HD Video / Regular Blueray Video is equivalent to about 4 MP Photo Size. 720 HD video is much smaller than that and DVD Video / Standard Video is even smaller than that. If you edit them and save them again the quality will likely go down and the file size will likely increase significantly.

They are already about as highly compressed as possible using a common file type. If you have an older version of iOS, you may not be able to see some of them, due to their file size. I have tested them on iOS 10 and they work fine under that.

The PNG format is fully supported on Apple, Microsoft, and Linux devices going back almost 20 years. it is just not as well publicized as JPEG. It takes the best from JPEG and GIF. It has all the color capabilities of JPEG, while also providing visual transparency and can offer lossless compression.

High Resolution Projects

Vector Graphics Projects

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