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The connection between Conservatism and Christianity is the response against a growingly anti-Christian academia and anti-Christian Hollywood. I personally don't equate conservatism with Christianity which many conservatives would agree like many libertarians. I agree with many socially conservative ideas in areas like sexual ethics. I also mostly agree with evangelical Christians on most major theology, depending on how narrow you define what are the fundamentals of the faith.

I guess I see Christianity as fundamentally incompatible with wealth and power. I don't believe it is possible to have a society honestly accept and be at peace with Christian values or a biblical worldview. I believe that any honest Christian will always find themselves in a spiritual struggle against society. I don't believe in unbelievers being forced to follow Christian laws, because I believe we can only resist evil with divine intervention.

I don't believe in violent struggle against society, under any circumstances, as it distracts against the fundamentally spiritual realities and because that is not the way Christ showed us to live. I do however believe in following all laws, because Christ has commanded it and it is obviously part of the ten commandments and related religious laws. This is consistent with most world religions' laws.

I also believe that taking care of the environment is not negotiable or debatable, because it is God's creation. I believe that animals are more important than people, because they exhibit more evidence that they are following God, than any people do. I do not believe the ends justify the means or that the needs of the many trump the needs of the few.

I believe that there are people, who legitimately cannot work either due to the market or due to disability and I believe that conservatives politics is fundamentally incompatible with that. I do believe in reform and reducing fraud, although I think reform could actually cost more money. I believe that corporations should pay the same tax rates as individuals as they benefit more than private citizens from government services. I also think that any campaign contributions from any corporations are basically legal bribes.

I believe the founding fathers had little interest in Christianity, as many were what we now would call atheists. I don't know if I could justify participating in the American Revolution and I don't see America as anything fundamentally different ideologically than most other empires throughout history. I don't see how someone can argue Christianity has anything in common with capitalism.

I really am opposed to any kind of arrogance and I don't appreciate our country tellling countries that have cultures going back thousands of years that we know better than them how to run their society. I believe that our great strengths in America are our low population density, natural resources, and distance from our enemies. Basically America inherited its strength from how well the native peoples of North America took care of the land, before we wiped out the remainder, that didn't die of diseases we introduced.

I believe that our country has exercised the same soft power that it accuses Russia and China of throughout the cold war and it is ok for other countries to be leaders in their respective parts of the world. We don't have to be the only empire or the best to be a worthwhile and moral force in the world (by our example of morality, not be intervention). When the few redeeming things about America in limits they would not cross like torture became legalized after 9/11, I would not have joined the military if I was graduating high school after that period.

I believe that our government is being transformed into corporate rule over the last few decades and will continue to do so. I believe the greatest threats to everyone in the world are computer hacking and global warming. I believe that terrorism is being emphasized way out of proportion to its threat to the lose of lives and is going to destroy us, by bankrupting us spending money fighting wars and increasing our buying of military weapons to stop it.

Ultimately, I have little faith in any politics, liberal or conservative. I see the world and our ability to affect change as primarily in the realm of the spiritual world.

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