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I have long grey hair
And soft feet
I enjoy long walks on the beach
I like the feel of sand between my toes
And the smell of freshly caught fish
I like to run with the sea birds
We also go on trips
Up a mountain near a river
The flowers smell great
And I get to play in the water
I like to run around in the grass
In our big backyard
And play with my new sister
Our family is growing
And the place I live now
Is big enough and then some
For all of us
Dad works upstairs all day
Typing and talking all alone
And mom looks after my new sister
She also teaches older kids
About animals and plants
I often think of how my life may change
As my new sister gets older
She is almost as big as me
Will I see less of sister?
When she too goes off to learn
When she brushes her hands through my hair
She is a little rough
But I am patient because I know
I am loved just as much
I get to sleep on a big bed
Next to my parents
And I dream of my present life
As I can think of nothing better
Or a happier time in my life

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