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Web Design Background


note: the symbolism is all mine and not traditional

This Logo Explained

  • The logo has an old fashioned (19th century) telephone, symbolizing the technology I want to help people with, which I often think is way too old and obsolete.
  • The user focused design is symbolized by a smiling sandstone Head of Shiva, from Cambodia (900 AD).


Benjamin-Newton Technical Issues is a Unified Approach to People and Design.


My Design Philosophy explains my experiences in and ideas about graphic design from 16 years of doing my entire website by myself, both design and content, and I am self-taught, without any formal training all in (non-technical) simple, everyday language.


My Design Style Guide explains the coding techniques I have learned, figured out, and/or adapted to improve my website designs over since about 2010.

My Design Troubleshooting Checklist explains How to find and fix common web design problems.

My Ideas for Optimizing a Website includes recommendations for making your website load and perform faster, with particular focus on Apple mobile devices.

Design Collection

More Design Projects

my experiences reading about computers and software everyday online and commenting for many years are written up in a psychological and sociological analysis to explain why Technology Enthusiasts think the way they do, in ways in which a non-Technology Enthusiast would understand in Technical Collection: Theoretical Ideas

Technical Collection: Practical Ideas contains simple design focused how-to articles that can be with Apple and Open Source software.

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